Peter Elias Sings

We have come across a chemistry teacher at Huron High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan, who helps his students remember facts and concepts by singing to them.
Peter has made a tape of nine songs recorded with musician and arranger, Betsy Beckerman.
Here is a sampling of two of the songs.


Oxygen and hydrogen
As separate gases fly
With power they combine as one
Without water we will die.

This special compound water
Can really take the heat
It's exceptional in many ways
H-bonds are really neat.

Northern lakes respond to chill
As tem-per-a-tures drop
Most have life forms down below
Since freezing's from the top

The vapor pressure's very low
Making the boiling point high
It takes that extra bit of heat
To make the vapor fly!

Many other special traits
This compound does display
Water is indeed unique
I'm glad it's here to stay


In Group One I'm number one
I get no respect for my mass
Unlike my solid metal friends
I'm just another lightweight gas

They say that in the universe
I'm very, very prevalent
But here on earth my status is
A minor el-e-ment

But don't despise this little guy
As someone you never knew
I'm in water, protein, DNA
And many fuels too.
In countless other little ways
I'm very real to you

If you want to order a tape and song booklet with 9 songs, contact
Peter Elias at

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