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To help with those hard-to-visualize concepts in teaching about energy
NEW! An AAPT Workshop with 39 Flash animations for teaching about Energy NEW!

Design scale models of the solar system, galaxies, the Universe, Edwin Hubble's data
How Far is that Star? Free Printable Downloads

Save money and have more fun in physics
Video analysis of collision experiments using HO gauge model railway cars Free Printable Downloads

Students mystified by Moles?
Demystify Moles Instantly

Teaching Optics?
5 Optics problem "Jobs" for your students
and a lab: "build a telescope out of 2 lenses" Free Printable Downloads

Do you have students who won't use proper form in setting up problems?
Let Bruce Lee tell them about the difference between having no form and having no form Free Printable Download

Life in a non-inertial frame of reference
Where Newton's Laws don't apply; tossing a ball across a space station Free Printable Downloads

Add a little spice?
Sing to mee-ee-ee of Chemistree-ee-ee

A famous experiment your class can do
Thomas Young's experiment that shows wave nature of light

Another famous experiment your class can do
Frederick Herschel's discovery of infra-red light

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